Global deployment of Japanese disaster prevention solution

We aim to expand Japanese advanced technology and framework for disaster prevention and environmental adaptation overseas. Furthermore, we pursue to realize a safe and sustainable society at a global level.

We deliver noteworthy consistent customer service, adapting your ideas and service to local community problems. We also support long-term business growth through regular evaluations and improvement proposals.

Disaster prevention’s strategic consultation service

This project applies ESG evaluation methods and aims to strengthen corporate disaster prevention measures in accordance with international standards. Using our unique research and analysis methods, we clarify issues related to its measures and pursue corporate sustainability. By reducing the risk of disasters for our partners, we aim to improve the business competitiveness and build trust and credibility with our clients from various fields.

We also visualize the progress of its measures and promote a change in the consciousness across the organization. With an increase in the number of natural disasters on a global scale, we support corporate disaster prevention and contribute to the realization of a resilient economy and society that coexists with disasters.

To build an international disaster prevention system

This project is an initiative based in Singapore and Japan, promoted by collaboration with academic research institutes and government organizations in different countries. Our aim is to be a hub for promoting international collaboration, foster experts and knowledge exchange, and build a transnational disaster prevention network.