Message from CEO

Lead creating a resilient society

Every day, we confront the formidable challenges posed by an evolving world, especially in the realm of climate change and its repercussions. Our commitment to addressing these challenges remains steadfast. Beyond the global pursuit of decarbonization by 2050, our focus extends to the immediate adaptation and resilience strategies crucial in the face of escalating natural calamities and erratic weather patterns.

While Japan possesses extensive experience and technological expertise related to various kinds of natural disasters, the disaster preparedness efforts within corporations have often been limited to mere administrative tasks. Recognizing the value of these efforts as a crucial aspect of management and their contribution to enhancing corporate value has been a rare occurrence.

At MAMORU JAPAN, we center our focus on “Are you prepared?” as a pivotal keyword, supporting the enhancement of resilience capabilities and the elevation of corporate value for our clients through disaster preparedness.

We are committed to supporting companies dedicated to improving resilience capabilities, visualizing their value, and leading the way towards a world where life-safety is truly universal across society.

Representative Director and CEO
Tachikawa Hiroshi